Selection of Trees for a Green Garden

by home decorator for home decorators

Appeal to plant trees around the houses, not without reason. According to the research, a tree has the ability to absorb 12 kg of pollutant gases CO2 and produce enough oxygen for four people within a year. Recognizing this, the owner of a very loving environment choose to take part in preserving the ecosystem around his yard. As a consequence of his, owner and landscape architect from Indra Tata Ita Burhan Adilaras adapt the concept to the implementation of a shady garden (shade garden).

Ita Burhan applying some simple approaches to the leaves of ornamental plants that have high adaptability to the mood calm. Variations of the system obtained by combining different kinds of plants that have patterns, textures and colors are graded green. This effort was able to display the heterogeneous composition of plants that have monochromatic shades of green.

Plant composition deliberately placed close to the wall fence, because its existence is intended as a "softener" wall structure and buffer the view (view barrier) to ensure privacy in the garden. Some plants a tree with a needle-shaped leaf characters such as Podocarpus (Elengatus and Neriifolius) and Melalleuca quinquinerva planted along the sides of the fence. In front of the tree is planted different types Agloenema include A.jubille, silverqueen, Maphilindo and Donna Carmen.

The composition of a more "thick" is in the area around the stepping stone, is the plant low shrubs and ground cover type plant (ground cover). There is also a blend of several types of ornamental plants, among others, Wrightia religiosa leaves and Bromelia and the type of plants that can produce flowers even in the shade, ie Costus hybrid and Spathyphyllum. Among the composition of ground cover was placed a few eucalyptus plants, titled transparent.

'Attraction' colors more felt on the composition of trees planted in the courtyard overlooking the front. Some kind of "would" conical tree growing along the fence row. Any kind of show the expression of color and texture of the leaves varied beauty. The rest of the mini elephant grass are able to adapt to the half-shade and a nice environment for the children move around the play ground.

To avoid the risk of rot due to excessive humidity, landscape architects applying the well-designed drainage system. With this system the owner and landscape architect efforts to maintain the ground water and create a comfortable dwelling house through aspects of forestry on surrounding homes, is expected to contribute positively to overcome the effects of warming in an effort to micro.