Selection of Trees for a Green Garden

Appeal to plant trees around the houses, not without reason. According to the research, a tree has the ability to absorb 12 kg of pollutant gases CO2 and produce enough oxygen for four people within a year. Recognizing this, the owner of a very loving environment choose to take part in preserving the ecosystem around his yard. As a consequence of his, owner and landscape architect from Indra Tata Ita Burhan Adilaras adapt the concept to the implementation of a shady garden (shade garden).

Ita Burhan applying some simple approaches to the leaves of ornamental plants that have high adaptability to the mood calm. Variations of the system obtained by combining different kinds of plants that have patterns, textures and colors are graded green. This effort was able to display the heterogeneous composition of plants that have monochromatic shades of green.

Plant composition deliberately placed close to the wall fence, because its existence is intended as a "softener" wall structure and buffer the view (view barrier) to ensure privacy in the garden. Some plants a tree with a needle-shaped leaf characters such as Podocarpus (Elengatus and Neriifolius) and Melalleuca quinquinerva planted along the sides of the fence. In front of the tree is planted different types Agloenema include A.jubille, silverqueen, Maphilindo and Donna Carmen.

The composition of a more "thick" is in the area around the stepping stone, is the plant low shrubs and ground cover type plant (ground cover). There is also a blend of several types of ornamental plants, among others, Wrightia religiosa leaves and Bromelia and the type of plants that can produce flowers even in the shade, ie Costus hybrid and Spathyphyllum. Among the composition of ground cover was placed a few eucalyptus plants, titled transparent.

'Attraction' colors more felt on the composition of trees planted in the courtyard overlooking the front. Some kind of "would" conical tree growing along the fence row. Any kind of show the expression of color and texture of the leaves varied beauty. The rest of the mini elephant grass are able to adapt to the half-shade and a nice environment for the children move around the play ground.

To avoid the risk of rot due to excessive humidity, landscape architects applying the well-designed drainage system. With this system the owner and landscape architect efforts to maintain the ground water and create a comfortable dwelling house through aspects of forestry on surrounding homes, is expected to contribute positively to overcome the effects of warming in an effort to micro.
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Comfort Kitchens for Cooking and Dining

This kitchen design is ordinary, not very unique or special. Functions the same as kitchens other: for cooking and occasional dining at its table. But, you will feel comfortable in it. What makes it so?

Sense of comfort came because the kitchen was designed according to the needs of their owners. Take a look at the settings and his cabinet shelves, according to many and the type of kitchen furniture available, not just make a kitchen set. Thus kitchen look neat, though as you can see, there are a lot of stuff posted here.

Warm impression comes from the use of wood, whether its color, it could be the motive. It's no secret that the timber always managed to bring a warm atmosphere to the room. Motifs and colors not only decorate wooden cabinet and shelves, kitchen wall was this. Use of thin panels of wood, which is deliberately not made in compliance with all the walls, creating the impression of "special" for this cooking area.

Although apparently simple, if you are observant, can certainly capture the attractive touches here. There are areas of air-glass back panel. In the area of the cabinet drawers are made legged. There are also game-textured glass on upper cabinet doors. Interesting, right? Do not forget the touches of green and fresh from the plant artificially. Even the arrangement of the lights which supports activities in the kitchen.

With a kitchen like this, no longer entertain relatives could only be done in the living room or family room. The kitchen can be a strong candidate. Try it!
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Designing Home with Modern Concept

Modern concept is a concept that puts the new style is very different from the previous style. Currently modern style still evolving and probably will continue to evolve, just as ethnic style or another. Tracing the history of the emergence of this concept, the modern style was born around the 1920s. Its presence serves to simplify the details and ornaments and decor in the style that existed before.

According to architect Briyan Talaosa, characteristics of the most prominent in the modern concept is simplicity of form and decoration. Because the simplification of detail, said Briyan, of course, also very influential on the shape of the facade and materials typically used in occupancy with this modern concept.

"Usually the facades of buildings tend to be simple, without decoration repeatedly curved shape (like the classic style details) or the facade of this style tend to be plain and further highlight the character of materials used as well as the main element of decoration at this force," he said.

Meanwhile, by architect Erwin Hawawinata, modern is not a style, but "functions" that adapts to circumstances and needs of older or unusual function known as the "traditional" or "classic styles.

Erwin also added, it is because this style tends to suit the needs. Some people are happy with traditional or classical style because it is considered more elegant, luxurious, and so forth. However, back to the function and benefits. "More modern style is selected at this time because it was considered better to provide easy access, both in function and maintenance," said Erwin.

Some people who like the modern style because their appeal is the shape design that tends to 'honest' and simple and clean impression, "said Briyan. Another reason, of course back to their respective residents in determining the choice model for housing design. Besides being a matter of taste of the occupants, call Briyan, usually for age, emotional maturity, the function of buildings, or even budgeting in determining one's sense of choice in determining the model or style of their house.

Other things, like the type of clothing, modern style on occupancy was chosen because of emerging trends in society and is a major factor behind a person choosing the building with a modern concept. There are several things to consider to apply this concept, the first is fixed based on the basic shapes and geometric combined with colors and elements. Also, avoid excessive detail form.

The second thing to note, accessories are used indoors. We recommend that you do not use too much and berdetail accessories. Make sure you choose the appropriate to the function or space requirements. Of course, also associated with components of the color and lighting of the room, such as accent lighting, general lighting.

Furthermore, the color, style usually brings neutral colors like gray, white, or another neutral color by architect Erwin Hawawinata, color for interior design depends on the user's room. So, there is no specificity in terms of color selection. So even with the floor. In modern designs generally use this type of flooring such as marble, wood, synthetic wood, ceramic, and others. For those of you who initially had to use wood as a flooring material do not worry. Therefore, wood is the element that is "perfect" so it can dipadupadankan with modern design.

"In addition, the effect is not replaceable timber. Alloys are very diverse, can be an accent or the main element in decorating, "said Erwin.
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Rock Garden: Gardening Trend 2011

Generally, a garden is collection of plants grown in one area to get an impression of cool, shady, and cozy. But, what about the rock garden?

Rock garden is a unique garden design. Because, in its application more elements than the hard material a soft material. In a sense, a material widely used over the rocks and sand rather than elements of plants. According to Yoga Nirwono landscape architect, generally we know the kind of rock garden the garden composition using hard media, such as sand, batubatu coral, and gravel.

Something similar is said Giwo Rubianto landscape architect. According to him, rock garden is a planting medium that is different from the usual type of park residents apply. "If we prepare is usually the soil, grasses, etc., in the rock garden that we prepare is hard elements such as coral, sand, bricks, and fibers," said Giwo. That said, the composition is 60-70 percent of this park using coral stone and sand, apply the remainder of the plant.

So, like what a way to apply this kind of garden? Nirwono said, to create a rock garden, which was first to consider is the location and the size of their land. Usually applied to a rock garden in the house adjacent to the inner court. However, there are also kok who placed it on the front page or the back of the house. Just because his character is dry, when applied in the front yard would affect the impression of the main building.

As for size, dry garden is generally rarely applied in a large field scale. Again, the reason the character of the park. "Therefore, with enough land 1x2 feet or 5 square feet we have to create this park," said Nirwono.

Because of that, the dry garden requires a supporting element in order to soften his character. Nirwono suggest, you may add elements of plant and water at these parks. With notes, be sure the plant has similar characteristics. That is, plants resistant to heat and requires no special treatment. Take the example of cactus, plants soft-shelled, or other dry crops.

To give a touch of fresh and beautiful, not hurt you to apply the flowering plants. If not possible, you may choose the plants leaves are beautiful and bold characters, or select a beautiful rod. "With the record, still have to select a character similar to other crops," said Giwo.

You can also add other elements in the park. Take the examples of the application or make a fountain small pools. For its size, you can adjust the land area available. Most importantly, the purpose of pool or fountain made it to soften and refresh the rock garden.

In order for this dry garden both aesthetic and functional, you should adjust the concept of a garden with character building. It was submitted by the architect Nunung Adywijaya. According to him, rock garden has a relationship with the concept, or rather the rock garden should be entitled to in its application is not memorable at random.

'Do not forget, natural impressions should also be a consideration. Sometimes a person mengistilahkan this garden as a dry garden, so supporting the impression of natural and naturally often go unnoticed, "he said.

So even when choosing the hardware elements that want to use. Surely not just any gravel or stone you use. In this case you should carefully choose the type of stone that would be used, such as coral, granite, or large stones. While the matter of its magnitude, you can set it according to the initial concept of this park. Take for example, select a stone with the same type but different size is selected. Stay how you mengomposisikannya.

For example, call Nunung, to boulder sized pick up some big and dark. While for small stones, you can use the coral with a choice of various colors. 'All back to the concept. If that brought the concept of minimalism, the color chosen not too much. Just two or choose a neutral color. Because, too much color can actually create an impression maksimalis, "said Nunung.
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Interiors with Modern Classic Style

Classic style is often synonymous with old-fashioned view. Understand it, inspiration comes from the European style in the Victorian era. Although fond of this one style, does not mean our house so it looks old. To outsmart, just try to mix with modern touches here and there.

As the family room in this photo. It looks thick with classic style. Seen from curved and carved ornaments typical of Europe, on mirrors, cabinets buffets, tables, and sofa frame. But look into this room, we do not necessarily feel old-fashioned atmosphere? This is because the element touches modern.

What are some modern elements that exist here? First, the chandeliers, on the couch.Chandelier simple design, modern style. This simple form makes the room a classic style, laden with these great furniture, feels lighter and balanced.

Another modern touch on this room, are the curtains. Typically, the classic-style rooms, using curtains with large motifs and golden. The material chosen was a thick and impressive weight. In contrast with this one room. The owner of the house choose plain curtains to balance the look of furniture that has been filled with ornaments. Choice of neutral colors matching the color of upholstery and cushion.

Additionally, greenery, makes this room a softer feel and live. The result, though given a modern twist, this room does not lose the elegance of the style of classic style. But not too heavy and old-fashioned impression. Everything is balanced, it is more convenient.
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