Interiors with Modern Classic Style

by home decorator for home decorators

Classic style is often synonymous with old-fashioned view. Understand it, inspiration comes from the European style in the Victorian era. Although fond of this one style, does not mean our house so it looks old. To outsmart, just try to mix with modern touches here and there.

As the family room in this photo. It looks thick with classic style. Seen from curved and carved ornaments typical of Europe, on mirrors, cabinets buffets, tables, and sofa frame. But look into this room, we do not necessarily feel old-fashioned atmosphere? This is because the element touches modern.

What are some modern elements that exist here? First, the chandeliers, on the couch.Chandelier simple design, modern style. This simple form makes the room a classic style, laden with these great furniture, feels lighter and balanced.

Another modern touch on this room, are the curtains. Typically, the classic-style rooms, using curtains with large motifs and golden. The material chosen was a thick and impressive weight. In contrast with this one room. The owner of the house choose plain curtains to balance the look of furniture that has been filled with ornaments. Choice of neutral colors matching the color of upholstery and cushion.

Additionally, greenery, makes this room a softer feel and live. The result, though given a modern twist, this room does not lose the elegance of the style of classic style. But not too heavy and old-fashioned impression. Everything is balanced, it is more convenient.