Rock Garden: Gardening Trend 2011

by home decorator for home decorators

Generally, a garden is collection of plants grown in one area to get an impression of cool, shady, and cozy. But, what about the rock garden?

Rock garden is a unique garden design. Because, in its application more elements than the hard material a soft material. In a sense, a material widely used over the rocks and sand rather than elements of plants. According to Yoga Nirwono landscape architect, generally we know the kind of rock garden the garden composition using hard media, such as sand, batubatu coral, and gravel.

Something similar is said Giwo Rubianto landscape architect. According to him, rock garden is a planting medium that is different from the usual type of park residents apply. "If we prepare is usually the soil, grasses, etc., in the rock garden that we prepare is hard elements such as coral, sand, bricks, and fibers," said Giwo. That said, the composition is 60-70 percent of this park using coral stone and sand, apply the remainder of the plant.

So, like what a way to apply this kind of garden? Nirwono said, to create a rock garden, which was first to consider is the location and the size of their land. Usually applied to a rock garden in the house adjacent to the inner court. However, there are also kok who placed it on the front page or the back of the house. Just because his character is dry, when applied in the front yard would affect the impression of the main building.

As for size, dry garden is generally rarely applied in a large field scale. Again, the reason the character of the park. "Therefore, with enough land 1x2 feet or 5 square feet we have to create this park," said Nirwono.

Because of that, the dry garden requires a supporting element in order to soften his character. Nirwono suggest, you may add elements of plant and water at these parks. With notes, be sure the plant has similar characteristics. That is, plants resistant to heat and requires no special treatment. Take the example of cactus, plants soft-shelled, or other dry crops.

To give a touch of fresh and beautiful, not hurt you to apply the flowering plants. If not possible, you may choose the plants leaves are beautiful and bold characters, or select a beautiful rod. "With the record, still have to select a character similar to other crops," said Giwo.

You can also add other elements in the park. Take the examples of the application or make a fountain small pools. For its size, you can adjust the land area available. Most importantly, the purpose of pool or fountain made it to soften and refresh the rock garden.

In order for this dry garden both aesthetic and functional, you should adjust the concept of a garden with character building. It was submitted by the architect Nunung Adywijaya. According to him, rock garden has a relationship with the concept, or rather the rock garden should be entitled to in its application is not memorable at random.

'Do not forget, natural impressions should also be a consideration. Sometimes a person mengistilahkan this garden as a dry garden, so supporting the impression of natural and naturally often go unnoticed, "he said.

So even when choosing the hardware elements that want to use. Surely not just any gravel or stone you use. In this case you should carefully choose the type of stone that would be used, such as coral, granite, or large stones. While the matter of its magnitude, you can set it according to the initial concept of this park. Take for example, select a stone with the same type but different size is selected. Stay how you mengomposisikannya.

For example, call Nunung, to boulder sized pick up some big and dark. While for small stones, you can use the coral with a choice of various colors. 'All back to the concept. If that brought the concept of minimalism, the color chosen not too much. Just two or choose a neutral color. Because, too much color can actually create an impression maksimalis, "said Nunung.