Designing Home with Modern Concept

by home decorator for home decorators

Modern concept is a concept that puts the new style is very different from the previous style. Currently modern style still evolving and probably will continue to evolve, just as ethnic style or another. Tracing the history of the emergence of this concept, the modern style was born around the 1920s. Its presence serves to simplify the details and ornaments and decor in the style that existed before.

According to architect Briyan Talaosa, characteristics of the most prominent in the modern concept is simplicity of form and decoration. Because the simplification of detail, said Briyan, of course, also very influential on the shape of the facade and materials typically used in occupancy with this modern concept.

"Usually the facades of buildings tend to be simple, without decoration repeatedly curved shape (like the classic style details) or the facade of this style tend to be plain and further highlight the character of materials used as well as the main element of decoration at this force," he said.

Meanwhile, by architect Erwin Hawawinata, modern is not a style, but "functions" that adapts to circumstances and needs of older or unusual function known as the "traditional" or "classic styles.

Erwin also added, it is because this style tends to suit the needs. Some people are happy with traditional or classical style because it is considered more elegant, luxurious, and so forth. However, back to the function and benefits. "More modern style is selected at this time because it was considered better to provide easy access, both in function and maintenance," said Erwin.

Some people who like the modern style because their appeal is the shape design that tends to 'honest' and simple and clean impression, "said Briyan. Another reason, of course back to their respective residents in determining the choice model for housing design. Besides being a matter of taste of the occupants, call Briyan, usually for age, emotional maturity, the function of buildings, or even budgeting in determining one's sense of choice in determining the model or style of their house.

Other things, like the type of clothing, modern style on occupancy was chosen because of emerging trends in society and is a major factor behind a person choosing the building with a modern concept. There are several things to consider to apply this concept, the first is fixed based on the basic shapes and geometric combined with colors and elements. Also, avoid excessive detail form.

The second thing to note, accessories are used indoors. We recommend that you do not use too much and berdetail accessories. Make sure you choose the appropriate to the function or space requirements. Of course, also associated with components of the color and lighting of the room, such as accent lighting, general lighting.

Furthermore, the color, style usually brings neutral colors like gray, white, or another neutral color by architect Erwin Hawawinata, color for interior design depends on the user's room. So, there is no specificity in terms of color selection. So even with the floor. In modern designs generally use this type of flooring such as marble, wood, synthetic wood, ceramic, and others. For those of you who initially had to use wood as a flooring material do not worry. Therefore, wood is the element that is "perfect" so it can dipadupadankan with modern design.

"In addition, the effect is not replaceable timber. Alloys are very diverse, can be an accent or the main element in decorating, "said Erwin.